Friday, April 16, 2010

Chicago Photography Center Hosts 50 Aldermen/50 Artists April 30-May 28

The Chicago Photography Center will host the 50 Aldermen/50 Artists show in May, with an opening Fri 4/30 from 7-10 PM:

Exhibit Dates:

April 30 - May 31, 2010
3301 N. Lincoln Ave.

The opening reception will include new opportunities for local citizens to express thanks to their Alderman for successful projects completed in their Ward. Attendees will also have an opportunity to have their picture taken with an Alderman.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Coverage of 50 Aldermen/50 Artists

  • Alpha Bruton posts the portrait she did of Alderman Harold Brookins Jr., 4/5/10
  • Chicago Art Machine calls our show "the most talked about art show of 2010, excluding the current Matisse exhibit at the Art Institute," holy sheesh, 4/2/10
  • Chicagoist posts again, this time about our closing party, 4/2/10
  • Center Square Journal blogged, 4/1/10
  • The Chicago Reader publishes all 50 images and an alderquiz, 4/1/10
  • Fotoflow posted about the closing, 4/1/10
  • Marina City News talks about Aaron Delehanty's portrait of Alderman Brendan Reilly, 3/31/10
  • Big interview with us on Chicagoist, 3/25/10
  • Chicago Journal wrote about it, 3/25/10
  • Chicago Gallery Snack Report blogged, 3/24/10
  • Alderman Scott Waguespack Facebooked some photos, 3/23/10
  • Chicago Reader's Sam Adams blogged and took photos, 3/22/10
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  • Chicago Tribune article and photo spread, 3/19/10
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  • Participating artist Johanna Meyers blogged about the show, and included a lot of cool facts about her alderman, Tom Tunney, 3/17/10
  • Chicago Magazine blogged about us, 3/17/10
  • This post by Our Urban Times focuses on Craighton Berman and Alderman Rey Colon, who found common ground when they connected for this project, 3/17/10
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  • Participant Rachel M. Wolfe blogged about the show, 3/10/10
  • Columbia College gives photography instructor Jennifer Greenburg a shout-out for her participation in its "Faculty + Staff News," um, news, 3/9/10
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